Research Project

Modernization and intergenerational relationship in Nepal: Effects of intergenerational solidarity and conflict on mental health of elderly peopleIchiro KAI

Design of Processes based on the Evaluation of Environmental and Health RisksMasahiko HIRAO

Development of Practical Heterogeneous Oxidation CatalystsNoritaka MIZUNO

Pursuing Sustainable Society through Private-Sector Approach: Case Studies of Social Entrepreneurship in Pig-farming BusinessTakayuki MINATO

Potential of ethanol Production from Rice in ThailandShinya YOKOYAMA

Estimation of food consumption and possibility of energy crop production using surplus paddy areas in IndonesiaHiroyuki KAWASHIMA

Developing Sustainable Management System for Selection Forests Based on Long-term Monitoring of Stand DynamicsToshiaki OWARI

A Study on the Tillering Structure and Rooting of Rice Plants in System of Rice Intensification (SRI)Jun ABE

Landscape sustainability assessment for sustainable rural development in humid tropical AsiaToshiya OKURO

Temporal Changes of Water Environment at the Angkor and the Region of Siem ReapTomochika TOKUNAGA