A Study on Motorcycle-based Motorization Management Scheme in Asian Megacities

Research Project , Research Report 2007

Tetsuo SHIMIZU Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Hitoshi IEDA Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Kiichiro HATOYAMA Moscow University
Naesun PARK Seoul Metropolitan Government
Tuan Anh VU Asian Development Bank Institute
Tran Tuan HIEP University of Communication and Transport
Shou-min TSAO National Taiwan University
Pichai TANEERANANON Prince of Sonkula University


This project conducts an analysis of motorcycle ownership behavior, an analysis of motorcycle and bus choice behavior, and an analysis of traffic flow condition in Hanoi city, Vietnam in order to propose comprehensive policies and measures for soft-landing motorization by utilizing motorcycles. These analyses imply the difficulties of motorcycle ownership and use control by economical methods, and the possibilities of serious traffic congestion in the future.


Motorcycle Transport, Motorization Management