Action Study on Urban Logistics Policy towards Urban Regeneration in Asian Cities

Research Project , Research Report 2003 , Research Report 2004

Hitoshi IEDA Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, The Univ. of Tokyo
Hironori KATO Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, The Univ. of Tokyo


This paper intends to propose a simple and effective methodology to collect urban goods transport data in developing cities and to analyze the urban policies based on the freight truck flow model. As a case study, we surveyed the goods transport in Medan, Indonesia. We interviewed the related people, counted the traffic flows at major road accessing the CBD, and interviewed shops, enterprise and firms to collect the goods transport data. We estimated the freight truck flow simulation model by synthesizing the collected data. Then, two land-use scenarios of the area where the airport is located are discussed in a case that the airport is transferred. By applying the model, we found that the traffic volume and air pollution will increase when no countermeasure is taken in the urban redevelopment scenario.


developing country, middle-class city, urban goods transport, simple survey, Medan, Indonesia