Application of Supercritical Fluids to the Preservation of Environmental Safety

Research Project , Research Report 2002

Yoshito OSHIMA Environmental Science Center, The Univ. of Tokyo
Tetsuo SAKAMOTO Environmental Science Center, The Univ. of Tokyo


A combined analytical instrument utilizing supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) and time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOF-MS) was developed aiming at the rapid analysis of trace organic compounds in environment. An integral restrictor (fused silica capillary) successfully played a role in the interface between the SFE (high-pressure) and the TOF-MS (vacuum). By using this instrument, PAHs adsorbed on silicagel particles were extracted and directly analyzed by the TOF-MS. Furthermore, extraction profiles of analytes were discussed in terms of a band-broadening model based on the theory of chromatography. The experimental and theoretical profiles showed good agreements while the extraction temperature was varied from 60 to 80 oC. This kind of analysis will give us important information for optimizing the extraction condition and improving material-selectivity with SFE. Future developments will result in an on-site and continuous monitoring tool for toxic organic compounds in environment.


Supercritical Fluids, Environmental Safety, Monitoring, Extraction, Hazardous Chemical Compounds