Challenge of Renewable Energy with Wind and Hydraulic Turbines

Research Project , Research Report 2002

Chuichi ARAKAWA Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The Univ. of Tokyo
Makoto IIDA Faculty of Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo(Research Partners)
Prof. AVELLAN Francois Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines, Engineering Sciences and Techniques, EPFL, Switzerland


New project of wind turbines has been started for challenging the new concept of renewable energy. At first the background and process are introduced for installing big wind turbines in the metropolitan area of Tokyo. In order to make a paradigm shift of wind turbine in Japan, the authors carried out the simulation of economics in energy involving offshore wind turbines. The conclusion of rapid increase of wind turbines will result in the necessity of new concept of design, that is, “vernacular design”. The governor of Tokyo declared to install wind turbines when the authors examined the existence of good wind and proposed the vernacular style of Tokyo in wind turbines. “Tokyo Kaza-Guruma” has appeared in March, 2003 while being made light up in two colors and transferred in the scene of rotation with the internet. Secondly the computational fluid mechanics has been developed for new design of wind turbines as well as hydraulic turbines. These techniques will be applied for the design of huge size of wind turbines in the offshore and for the extreme design of hydraulic design.


Wind turbines, simulation, design, Tokyo metropolitan area, hydraulic turbines