Clean Utilization of Coal in China

Research Project , Research Report 2001

Masayoshi SADAKATA Dep. of chemical System Engineering, the Univ. of Tokyo
Steven KRAINES Dep. of chemical System Engineering, the Univ. of Tokyo
Hideaki SHIROYAMA Faculty of Low, the Univ. of Tokyo(Research Partners)
Xu XUCHANG Dept. of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua Univ, Beijing, CHINA
K.R. POLENSKE Department of Chemistry, MIT, USA


Air pollution problems such as acid rain problem and photochemical smog and green house gas problem becomes serious in China. Most of air pollutant and the global environmental destruction gas comes from the coal combustion process and coal coking industry. In this study, we aimed 1) to develop a new dry desulfurization process which can remove SOx from the Combustion Process in China and 2) to develop a comprehensive mathematical model which can estimate the cokes manufacturing process and utilization process. In the first study, we developed new solvent whose desulfurization rate can be higher by 3 times than that of conventional solvent. The desulfurization rate of 83% can be attained by using a laboratory scale circulating fluidized bed and new solvent.


air pollution, China, coal combustion process, coal coking industry, desulfurization process