Development of Decision Support Tools for Sustainable Production and Consumption

Research Project , Research Report 2003

Masahiko HIRAO Dept. of Chemical System Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo
Yasuhiro FUKUSHIMA Dept. of Chemical System Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo(Research Partners)
Gregory J. McRae Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Konrad Hungerbuhler Chemical Engineering Department, Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology


Industry can contribute to the global sustainability by integration of evaluation of environmental impact with product and process design activities. We constructed an activity model to incorporate life cycle assessment (LCA) and economy evaluation into the process design. We showed that the selection of reaction, process and life cycle strongly relates each other, and proposed a methodology for the selection of chemical process from the view points of environmental impact and economy by performing a case study, in which a chemical recycling process of PET resin is selected and optimized. We discussed on the methodology for process improvement and process comparison using optimization, sensitivity analysis, and uncertainty analysis.


Process design, Environmental impact analysis, Economy evaluation, Optimization, Sensitivity analysis, Uncertainty analysis, Parate analysis, Life cycle assessment, PET resin, Chemical recycling