Education for Sustainability in Asian context  ―An empirical study of ESD through Intensive Program on Sustainability “IPoS” ―

Research Project , Research Report 2006

Takashi MINO Professor, Dept. of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences,Univ. of Tokyo
Motoharu ONUKI Project assistant professor, IR3S/TIGS, the Univ. of Tokyo
Noburu HARATA Professor, Dept. of Urban Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo
Hiroyuki KAWASHIMA Associate Professor, Dept. of Global Agricultural Sciences,Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Univ. of Tokyo
Hisashi KUROKURA Professor, Dept. of Global Agricultural Sciences, Graduate School ofAgricultural and Life Sciences, Univ. of Tokyo


Sustainability is recognized as a key work for building the society of the 21century. Beyond controversy education is one of most potential and powerful tool to influence the society toward the sustainable society, however, although the improvement in demand, its methodologies or minimum components are not structure enough to be utilized and installed for users. The AGS Taskforce for Environmental Education (AGS-TEE) has implemented Y.E.S.(Youth Encounter on Sustainability)to participants whose cultural and academic backgrounds are varied widely and proved accomplishments. At the same time, however, there are less number of organizers rooted in Asian cultures. The University of Tokyo was the only institution whish actively joined to implement Y.E.S. and this embosses the necessary of further mixture of Asian view points in to such educational activities. Thus AGS-TEE members in the University of Tokyo started Intensive Program on Sustainability(IPoS)with the collaboration along with institutes both inside and outside. IPoS brought satisfactory tips and experience to cover the challenges of Y.E.S. Also further developments of IPoS are newly found in curricular improvements and alumni networking for sustainability of IPoS.


ESD, sustainability, Intensive Program on Sustainability “IPoS”