Environmental Behavior of Anthropogenic Heavy Ions – Environmental Behavior of Radioactive Wastes and Control of their Migration –

Research Project , Research Report 2001

Satoru TANAKA Dept. of Quantum Engineering and Systems Science, the University of Tokyo
Shinya NAGASAKI Dept. of Environmental Studies, the University of Tokyo(Research Partners)
Ken CZERWINSKI Nuclear Engineering Dept., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


Sorption rate of Np(V) on magnetite under Ar atmosphere and aerobic condistion was evaluated and redution rate of Np(V) in the presence of magnetite was determined. The reduction rate at the surface of magnetite was larger than that in the liquid in the presence of Fe(II) ions, suggesting that the reduction of Np(V) took place at the surface. Furthermore, by using Np(IV), it was found that the reduction reaction occurred in the altered phase of magnetite.


Np(V), magnetite, reduction