Environmental Behavior of Anthropogenic Heavy Metal Ions – Environmental Behavior of Radioactive Wastes and Control of their Migration –

Research Project , Research Report 2002

Satoru TANAKA Dept. Quantum Engineering and Systems Science, The University of Tokyo
Shinya NAGASAKI Dept. Environmental Studies, The University of Tokyo(Research Partners)
Ken CZERWINSKI Professor, Nuclear Engineering Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


Sorption of I- on ettringite and desorption of IO3- from IO3- type-ettringite were investigated in order to elucidate the retention performance of cementitious materials for iodine which dominates the long-term radiotoxicity. It was found that I- was not sorbed on ettringite. The kinetics of desorption of IO3- was measured.


I-, IO3-, ettringite, sorption, desorption