Establishment of Digital Audio Video Based Phenology Monitoring Network to Feel and Share a Global Natural Environmental Changing

Research Project , Research Report 2003

Kaoru SAITO Inst. of Frontier Sciences, The Univ. of Tokyo
Mikio KAJI Dept. of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo
Yoichi KUMAGAI Dept. of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo
Akio FUJIWARA Dept. of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo


The multimedia contents which allow users to sense a daily, monthly and yearly change of natural environment in the Tokyo University forest in Chichibu, Japan, are produced by the forest environment monitoring video data. The author developed three types of digital contents, namely (1) Paper printed calendar which allows users to look at the scenery of the forest at a glance. (2)DVD (Digital Video Disk) which provides a high-resolution forest video images with high quality environmental sounds of the forest with user-friendly operation. (3)Web site that users are able to play a movie to see a monthly change of the forest landscape with sound, and also to download the PDF file of (1) and the image file of (2) to make the calendar and the DVD. Through this production, the author establish the digial audio video based phenology monitoring network. This kind of multimedia contents is considered user-oriented, as user can further develop the meaning and usage of it by themselves. A further stady in this field will help to develop a environmental learning materials which the users can sense time changes by forest video data.


multimedia contents, forest, video, robot camera, cyberforest