Establishment of Information Commons for Global Sustainability

Research Project , Research Report 2007

YARIME Masaru Associate Professor, Graduate Program in Sustainability Science (GPSS)
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo


Since scientific and technological progress is developing rapidly and the sources of knowledge and information are widely distributed, no single organization has all the necessary resources to stay on top of all areas of research and innovation. Global information commons can play a critical role in integrating and utilizing various sources of scientific and technical information. Easy and open access to large and diverse contents of data and information will promote collaboration for innovation linking the seeds of science and technology and economic and social needs. Leading experts from Japan, the United States, and other countries discussed current challenges and future possibilities regard to global information commons in science and technology. With in-depth understanding of technical, economic, legal, and institutional conditions in the creation, distribution, management and preservation of data and information in different fields, it will be possible to utilize global information commons for enhancing innovation for global sustainability. The incentive structures of relevant actors and collaboration mechanisms among university, industry, and the public sector are among the aspects identified to be significant. Institutional design is emphasized for legal aspects of intellectual property rights and international standards and ethical issues of the digital divide and protection of privacy.


Information Commons, Innovation, Network, Incentive, Institutional Design