Globalization in Agriculture and World Food Problem

Research Project , Research Report 2004

Masayoshi HONMA Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics, The Univ. of Tokyo
Toru IWAMI Dept. of Economics, The Univ. of Tokyo
Hiroyuki KAWASHIMA Dept. of Global Agricultural Science, The Univ. of Tokyo
Taikan OKI Institute of Industrial Science, The Univ. of Tokyo


Agriculture in a county can not be independent form other countries and mutually integrating through the WTO negotiations and FTA treatments. However, there are 800 million people who are suffering from under-nutrition in developing countries. It is a long way to go for solving the problems. Agricultural development and resolution of under-nutrition are essential for the global sustainable development. For this purpose it is necessary to establish an international cooperation system to take advantage of the market mechanism and to deal with market failure. Our project analyzed the issues on agriculture and food problems in terms of population and economic development. Further, we approached to the issues for solving the problems in consideration of the relationship with the globalization such as WTO agricultural negotiations and FTA agreements as well as with the way of food aid.


Globalization, Under-nutrient population, Food problem, WTO agricultural negotiations, Economic development