International Collaborative Research on Safety Handing Practice and Health Effects of Pesticides: Research Network in Eastern Asia

Research Project , Research Report 2004

Yasuki KOBAYASHI Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo
Kazuhito YOKOYAMA Professor, Department of Public Health and Occupational Medicine,
Mie University Graduate School of Medicine
Shunichi ARAKI President, National Institute of Industrial Health
Tadashi SAKAI Chief(Pre), Occupational Poisoning Center,
Tokyo Rosai Hospital, Japan Labour Health and Welfare Organization(Research Partners)
Rusli Bin NORDIN Professor, Department of Community Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, and Deputy Dean (Postgraduate and Research), School of Dental Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia Health Campus, MALAYSIA


Environmental pollution of chemical substances has become a significant health problem in developing countries. In the present study, the health effects of pyrethroids in relation to safety behavior were studied among tobacco-growing farmers in Kelantan, Malaysia. The results indicated that vibrotactile sensation and psychological performance were adversely affected by pyrethroid. It is thus suggested that subclinical health effects are caused by pyrethroid use; the effects could be prevented by safety handling of pesticides so that health education seems effective.


Developing countries, environmental pollution, health effects, pesticides