Inverse Manufacturing- Life Cycle Management and Product Service Quality –

Research Project , Research Report 2003

Fumihiko Kimura


For achieving proper environmental performance, it is fundamentally important to realize appropriate life cycle design of targeted product systems as a whole, and to perform consistent life cycle management during the usage of products. A method for life cycle design and management planning is proposed, which is based on comprehensive life cycle simulation based on product usage and deterioration modeling. There are many options for conceptual design of life cycle and management, such as long-life-heavy-maintenance, short-life-no-maintenance, rapid-take-back-reuse, etc. Product design and operation, and associated maintenance methods and facilities could be very much different under various different environmental circumstances. Appropriate life cycle design and management should be selected and optimized in terms of life cycle performance and environmental conditions. Prediction and evaluation of product or service quality variations during product usage due to deterioration and other usage conditions are the most critical factors for deciding appropriate life cycle. Practical modeling of products and associated life cycle, including maintenance facilities, are investigated. Based on those models, a simulation system is developed for product service quality variations for comparatively evaluating conceptual life cycle design options. Application examples are shown for elevator maintenance design.


Maintenance, Life Cycle Management, Product Service Quality