Monitoring, Repair and Protection Methods for Environment using Supercritical Fluids

Research Project , Research Report 2003

Yoshito OSHIMA Environmental Science Center, The University of Tokyo
Tetsuo SAKAMOTO Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo


A novel analytical instrument was developed for environmental organic matters by integrating a supercritical fluid extractor (SFE), a gas-chromatograph (GC) and a time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS). All the analytical procedure (extraction, seperation, mass-analysis) can be performed in-line. A preliminary experiment on diesel exhaust particles (DEP) showed rapidity and high-sensitivity of the apparatus. Another feature of SFE was applied for selective clean-up of unwanted organic matters from DEP prior to microarea surface analysis (TOF-SIMS). The selective removal of n-alkanes from the surfaces made SIMS spectra very simple, and PAHs in the spectra can be easily assigned.


Supercritical Fluids, Environmental Safety, Monitoring, Extraction, Hazardous Chemical Compounds