Paradigm Shift in Renewable Energy with Wind turbines and Hydraulic turbines

Research Project , Research Report 2004

Chuichi ARAKAWA Professor,Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, Univ. of Tokyo
Makoto IIDA Research Associate,Dept. of Urban Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo
Makiko SEKIYAMA IR3S,The University of Tokyo
Oliver FLEIG Dept. of Urban Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo


It is important to make a roadmap of wind power generation for offshore systems and technical development of giant size of wind turbines while the total amount of its facility in the world and Japan are growing up to 60GW and 1GW respectively. In Europe they have already developed 5GW class of wind turbines and in Japan it will be surely forced to larger turbines of 10GW because Japan islands are surrounded with ocean. In order to develop the system for the next generation of wind turbines, the authors have developed the scenario of renewable energy of wind turbines as well as other resources such as hydraulic turbines against fossil fuels and nuclear power with the method of back-casting prediction from 2100 year. The technical roadmap of huge wind turbines continues to be developed for new materials and aerodynamic design of blade.


Wind turbines, renewable energy, offshore wind turbines, technical roadmap