Problem Structuring for Urban Transport System in the Introduction of Light Rail Transit

Research Project , Research Report 2007

Hironori KATO Graduate School of Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo
Hideaki SHIROYAMA Graduate School of Law and Politics, Univ. of Tokyo
Yoshinori NAKAGAWA Faculty of Management, Kochi Univ. of Tech.
Tsuyoshi FUKAYAMA Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.


This paper analyzes the problem structure in urban transportation planning with the empirical case study of light rail transit (LRT) introduction. First, we review the history of past discussion relating to the LRT introduction in Utsunomiya. Second, we interviewed with the main stakeholders including local authorities, local transport operators, non-profit organization. In the interviews, we utilize the cognitive maps to analyze the problem identification analysis. Then, we abstract the potential policy agenda with a matrix consisting of the driver and the factor. The results show the new policy agenda which have not been discussed in the past debate. We also analyze the interaction among the stakeholders with the retrospective expectation table. Finally, we feed back our results to the stakeholders.


Utsunomiya, Light rail transit, Problem structuring