Regional Climate and Air Quality

Research Project , Research Report 2002

Seiichiro KODA Dept. of Chemical System Engineering, the Univ. of Toyo
Jun HIROKAWA Res. Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the Univ. of Tokyo(Research Partners)
Mario MOLINA Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Michael ROSSI Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, Switzerland


Our research objects are two folds; understanding the dynamical behaviour of halogen species in troposphere and the interaction between gaseous species and aerosol particles. As the former object, we constructed a chemical ionization mass-spectrometer for analysing trace amounts of halogen species, studied the detection limits, and applied the apparatus to real-field observation of halogen molecules in Okinawa district successfully. As the latter object, we studied, by means of CFD calculation, the elementary processes relevant to uptake of the gaseous species to the liquid phase in the droplet train method, and pointed out some important problems of the droplet train method.


air quality, heterogeneous reaction, halogen, chemical ionization mass-spectrometer, droplet train method