Risk Assessment and Community prevention activities in Asia

Research Project , Research Report 2007

Shigeko HARUYAMA Dep. of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Univ. of Tokyo


The community-based activities against flood is responsible for flood damage mitigation. This activities are constituted with volunteers from residents for acting as part-time jobs at disaster as to support evacuation. The council of social welfare is responsible for regionally supporting aged persons and disabled persons at sudden flood, however, it has been difficult to support for evacuation of residence in emergency under natural disaster in urbanized are because of weekend network of local communities, less experience of damage from flooding and independent lifestyle whose preferred to live in the city. IN this study, the authors found that the traditional network in the community and active plan such as festivals in the year including the community-based activities make to strengthening the community-based prevention work in sudden disaseter. The council usually visit old people homes and supply day-service.


Great flood, land use change, Community based activities for prevention, Mitigation