Study on Outdoor Symbiotic Environment with Unsteady Coupled Simulation of Convection, Radiation and Conduction

Research Project , Research Report 2001

Shinsuke KATO I.I.S., The University of Tokyo
Ryozo OOKA I.I.S., The University of Tokyo
Hong CHEN The University of Tokyo
Kazuya HARAYAMA The University of Tokyo


Outdoor thermal environment in summer becomes worse due to a change of land cove and an increase of artificial heat release with urban development. In this study, the effects by change of building form, planting arrangement on thermal environment were analyzed with unsteady coupled simulation of convection, radiation and conduction. The velocity, temperature, and humidity, MRT in urban area were given from the simulation. In order to estimate pedestrian level thermal comfort in the outdoor thermal environment, spatial distributions of SET* (New Standard Effective Temperature) was calculated by above result.


heat land, outdoor thermal environment, building form, planting green, SET*