Study on Sustainable Urban environmental design method for Cities in China that grows up rapidly

Research Project , Research Report 2003 , Research Report 2004

Ryozo OOKA I.I.S., The University of Tokyo
Shinsuke KATO I.I.S., The University of Tokyo
Hong CHEN I.I.S., The University of Tokyo


Many regional cities in China are developing rapidly now. In particular, the emergence of Shenzhen City adjacent to Hong Kong as an economic special district in 1980 led to its rapid growth from a small city with a population of 20,000 into a megalopolis with 3,800,000 people in a mere 20 years. Correspondingly, deterioration of the outdoor environment from heat islands and similar phenomena has become a serious problem. This aggravation of the thermal environment has spoiled urban sustainability. In order to realize Sustainable urban environment, the comprehensive handle for the Energy supply plan, Waste management plan, and Air pollution control plan of the city etc. based on a detailed simulation is necessary, and it is required to optimization. In this research, Simulation models for various environmental load of city centering on the simulation method of outdoor thermal environment are developed. The optimization method for Sustainable urban environment is examined using above-mentioned developed simulation models.


Urban environment, Heat islands, sustainability, optimum design