Sustainable Urban Management in Guangzhou City

Research Project , Research Report 2002

Keisuke HANAKI Dept. of Urban Engineering, the Univ. of Tokyo
Toshiya ARAMAKI Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the Univ. of Tokyo(Research Partners)
Fred MOAVENZADEH Center for Construction Research and Education, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Margrit HUGENTOBLER ETH Wohnforum, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland


This work is a part of collaborative research between three universities (University of Tokyo, MIT and ETH) and Guangzhou City Office, China. Large-scale development including industrial development is planned in Nan-sha district, Panyu, South part of Guangzhou City. This study focused on the possible increase in capacity of industrial development by introducing cleaner production instead of conventional factory from the viewpoint of industrial water use and water pollution. Current industrial water use in Japan and China are compared, and the potential effects of introducing current Japanese technology and better cleaner production were discussed.


Water demand, Industrial water, Cleaner production, Guangzhou City