The Comparative Analysis of the Effect on Traffic Environment by Urban Freight Transport

Research Project , Research Report 2002

Hitoshi Ieda Dept. of Civil Engineerign, The Univ. of Tokyo
Yasuomi Hoshida Fukkn Gijyutsu Consultant
Crispin E. D. DIAZ NCTS, Univ. the Philippines
Hironori Kato Department of Civil Engineering, The Univ. of Toky


Many cities of developing countries are suffering from environmental impact stemming from serious traffic congestion. Although the freight transport contributes to the traffic congestion, the data of urban fright transport especially in developing countries are too little to analyze the current problems and to find out the solution for the sustainable cities. Therefore this research aims to survey the urban freight transport in the Metro Manila, Philippines and compare the data among three Asian Mega-cities, Tokyo, Bangkok and Metro Manila.


urban freight transport, developing countries, environmental impact, comparative analysis